Top 10 Best Arabic DJs – April 2024

Arabic DJs have gained massive popularity all over the world in recent years. DJs have become an essential part of most Arab cultural celebrations, taking the genre to a much higher level. DJs are the life of any Arabic wedding or party. Here is the Top 10 list of Arabic DJs you need to know in 2024:

📍 Dubai, UAE

1- Adam Rahman

A best Arabic DJ and promoter, Adam brought cutting-edge techno and electronic music to the Middle East just before the millennium, establishing an ultra-credible dance music scene via his WARPED nights, a true underground night that brought forward-thinking techno to a land still dominated by sandcastles, skyscrapers, and beach houses. WARPED has since evolved into very select events and a monthly Ibiza Global Radio Show ‘Warped After Hours’ which hosts rising stars from the Middle East and India alongside Adam’s peerless selections.

arabic dj in california

📍 California, USA

2- DJ Pooya

Over a decade of club and event DJ for Southern California Arabs has made Pooya the most sought-after Arabic DJ in North America.

What sets Pooya apart from the rest of event-focused Arab DJs in the industry is his ability to read the crowd, smooth mixing skill and high-energy MCing ability.

📍 London, England

3- Nicole Moudaber

Ignited by an internal combustion engine fueled by raw emotion, Nicole Moudaber is at the forefront of her own movement. The sought-after DJ and producer presides over an empire that includes MOOD, her highly influential record label and global party brand, as well as a hugely popular radio show, a back catalog of incendiary techno releases, and a range of philanthropic endeavors. Nicole’s unique appeal has won her a legion of like-minded fans all over the world; no bullshit, upfront honesty, integrity, vulnerability, anger, passion, love, kindness, loyalty, and an unflinching determination to keep pushing forward make her a force to be reckoned with. An unstoppable soul who stands in a class of her own, Nicole Moudaber is one of the top DJ Arabic world’s most iconic contemporary artists…

📍 San Francisco , USA

4- Maher Daniel

American-born Palestinian DJ Maher Daniel is no stranger to the international dance circuit. Starting his early humbling years as a resident at the infamous Stereo Montreal, his growth rapidly took off with a slew of heavy releases, which set him up as a well-respected artist in the industry. After moving to Barcelona, Maher was able to continue his growth with the launch of his record label, The Other Side, allowing him to build his repertoire even more. The output created allowed him to work with some of the most prolific artists in the minimal house circuit, eventually leading him to work with the likes of (a:rpia:r) sound system Ricardo Villalobos, to name a few. With an ever-growing catalog of music and label showcases hosted world-wide, Maher continues to push his career to higher grounds. He is getting higher on the list of the best Arabic DJs every day.

📍 Rebat , Morocco

5- Amine K

Amine’s self-prescribed job description is to put a smile on people’s faces by sharing his music, be that as a top Arabic DJ or through his productions. Happiness is at the core of everything he does. Through production and DJing, Amine discovered a life without restrictions and a distinct purpose to pursue. The majority of Amine’s productions feature odes to his African roots; however, his musical influences vary from Danny Tenaglia to Deep Dish, Erick Morillo, Nick Warren, and even BB King.

📍 Barcelona, Spain

6- Raxon

Egyptian-born and now Barcelona-based artist Raxon is a testament to the adage that passion and determination will take you where you want to be. He is one of the best Arabic DJs. Days, nights, months, and years in the studio have contributed to a string of revered releases in recent years on the globe’s most sought-after imprints. Raxon studied and worked as an architect in Dubai, but it was in 2010 that he decided to focus on his vocation: electronic music. His journey through sound led him to the awe-inspiring Barcelona in 2014, where he started to release music with some of the most respected labels on the dance music scene, such as Ellum, Diynamic, Kompakt, Cocoon, and more.

📍 Tunis , Tunisia

7- Deena Abdelwahed

The Tunisian producer and DJ Deena Abdelwahed arrived in France at the age of 26 after earning her stripes on the Tunisian scene and as part of the Arabstazy collective. Her hybridized DJ sets, on the outer reaches of sub-cultures, and especially the one she performed at Sonar 2017 (one of the edition’s Top 10 according to the New York Times), propelled the young artist into the clubbing universe’s most demanding spheres (Boiler Room, Concrete, Room for Resistance, Säule/Berghain). She has a high rank in the list of the best Arabic DJs.

📍 Amsterdam , Netherlands

8- Fady Ferraye

The best Arabic DJ, producer, songwriter, label owner, and event promoter, Fady Ferraye, has not had a normal upbringing for an artist. He learned to shuttle his gigs from one shelter to another while staying in the mix. unconventional start to a career that has heard him share his sound around the world. Based in Amsterdam for the past 7 years, his dance tracks (more than a hundred so far) have been released on labels around the globe: Audio Therapy, Frisky, Baroque, Alterimage, Particles, and Per-Vurt, to name a few. His works are regularly played by world-famous DJs, including Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Sasha, Dave Seaman, John Digweed, and James Zabiela. Dimitri Andreas, Chris Fortier, Magitman, Pole Folder, and Kiko are among the artists that have remixed Fady’s tracks.

📍 Dubai, UAE

9- Jack Sleiman

Jack Sleiman (born May 2, 1986)one of the best Arabic DJ known professionally as Jack Sleiman a.k.a. The Godfather is a Lebanese-Canadian producer, DJ, MC, and radio and TV host.Sleiman is also known as the CEO of Embassy Central, Inc.

His tracks “Next” featuring MIMS and “One for You” with London Ellis were both big hits on the French and Lebanese charts.

After moving to Lebanon from Canada, he started his career in the Middle East’s bustling R&B and hip-hop scenes, which soon earned him a reputation for track mixing as well as selling out shows and performances.

📍 Dubai, UAE

10- Natalie Brogan

DJ Natalie is one of the youngest top Arabic DJ Having achieved more in a mite over half a decade than many peers will in a career, taking on the lads at their own game in the process, whatever gender-based cliches you might want to throw at her—equal parts stylus and stylish; beauty and the beats – be prepared to eat those words. Taking influence from artists as diverse as Massive Attack and David Bowie, initially half-inching her brother’s ‘kiddy decks’as a youngster, Natalie refined her artistic craft on her native Manchester club scene.

Top 10 Best Arabic DJs – April 2024